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About us team offers you a wide range of fragrances from Fragrance World, a manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates, at competitive and affordable prices.

What is Fragrance World perfumery and what do we offer our customers?

Fragrance World is a French-Arabic brand that has been creating true masterpieces – elite fragrances for modern women and men for years. Arabic natural perfumery from Fragrance World – the world’s best-known niche and name-brand fragrances. This perfumery is renowned for the quality of its fragrance composition, its excellent bottle design and its aromatic scent. Each scent has its own name and individual design, but is similar to the original and easily recognisable from the packaging and bottle design.

Recently, many customers have become increasingly interested in fragrances from Fragrance World. This is not surprising – once you’ve tried these perfumes, you won’t want to go back to the usual branded perfumes, and there are several reasons for this:

1). Perfumery quality.

“Fragrance World’s natural fragrances surpass their originals in longevity and richness, as each composition contains a relatively high concentration of natural oils (25-30%) that leave a pleasant scent that stays with you all day.

2). Minimum alcohol content.

“The founders of Fragrance World are committed to the quality of their products: they are virtually alcohol-free.

3). Price.

Customers are delighted because the perfumery is of very high quality and at a much lower price than the original.

Why buy in shop?

1). Friendly communication and lightning-fast answers to your questions.

2). Shop quickly and securely on our e-shopping site. in the shop.

3). Fast delivery: 1-5 working days by LPexpress, Omniva post office or by registered, priority mail by Lithuanian Post. Hand pick-up in Vilnius is also possible by prior arrangement.

4). Good value for money: the scent lasts for 6-8 hours on the body and even longer on clothes and hair!

5). “Fragrance World” The fragrance counterparts match the scents of the name-brand fragrances, giving the buyer a great opportunity to breathe a luxurious fragrance at a much lower price!

6). You have the option of replacing the defective product with a new one or getting a refund.