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Happiness Oud -> Initio Oud for Happiness


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Capacity: 80 ml.

It is a chord of happiness. It sounds loud, uplifting and harmonious. Every note is perfectly in tune. This chord allows you to slowly create your own melody of happiness. With joy, love, smiles, ups and downs. Making your dreams come true, or just dreaming. The melody makes you feel the beauty of the moment. Enjoy life here and now, but look boldly to the future. After all, each of us creates our own tune of happiness and only we can decide how loud it will be.

This perfume is joyful and uplifting, exuding a luxurious elegance and an extraordinary calm. The aroma opens with a rich accord of bergamot and ginger. Liquorice and vanilla add a subtle refined sweetness. The grandeur of this fragrance is given by otto, cedar wood and intriguing musk.

Notes: bergamot, ginger, liquorice, vanilla, cedarwood, Indian otter, musk.


80 ml.

Prekės ženklas
Aroma type

citrus, spices, wood


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